Bling Rewards

Bling Rewards is our highly rewarding loyalty program for Jewelry lovers! Join the program and earn points that you can redeem to buy your favorite jewelry, get discounts, free shipping and more!

Our members can earn points by sharing the Joy of Blingy stuff with their families and friends, shopping with us and completing our challenges. As you earn points, you climb the Bling Rewards Levels ladder!

See below table for our Bling Rewards tiers, requirements and perks

Bling Rewards Tier  Points Benefits 
Bling Emerald @ 1000 Points One free shipping coupon for $25 purchase
Bling Ruby @ 2500 Points 20% bonus points and 5 % discount on all purchases
Bling Sapphire @ 10000 Points 20% bonus points and 10 % discount on all purchases
Bling Diamond @ 20000 Points 30% bonus points and 15 % discount on all purchases. Free Shipping over $50


Q: How do I sign up for Bling Rewards?

A: It's really easy to sign up for the rewards

  1. Look for the "Rewards" floating button on the bottom right of your screen. Click on it and then click "Join Now"
  2. We recommend signing up using your Facebook, Google or Amazon login so you don't have to remember yet another password! If you prefer to do that, you could also sign up with your email and a password and click 'Sign Up'
  3. That's it! You just earned 200 points and all set to earn more Rewards

Q: How can I earn rewards?

A: Great Question! You can earn rewards in a number of different ways! Check out the table below for all the ways to earn.

Earning Activity  Points Earned  Frequency 
Sign up for Bling Rewards 200 Once per account
Follow us on Instagram 200 Once per account
Share a reel to your Story 200 Once per account
Follow our Facebook Page 200 Once per account
Share our Facebook Page 200 Once per account
Complete Bling Challenges Various Multiple Times
Shop with us! 10 Points per $1 Every Purchase


Q: How can I redeem my points?

A: You can redeem your points for discounts on your purchases!

  • Redeem 2500 points for a 5% off coupon
  • Redeem 5000 points for a 10% off coupon
  • Redeem 10000 points for a 20% off coupon

Q: How does redeeming my points affect my Bling Rewards Tier?

A: It doesn't! Your membership tier is based purely on points earned. Redeeming the points for coupons has no impact on your tier. 

Q: What are Bling Challenges?

A: Periodically we'll run Bling Challenges and completing the tasks in the challenges will earn you points! For example - We may run a 2 day challenge to Share a particular reel to your story and warn 100 points!

Q: Why don't I see my points?

A: Wish technology was as amazing as our Bling is! But sometimes it's not and so our systems may not recognize that you've completed an activity. Just send an email to or send us a WhatsApp message at (480)720-9692 and we'll have a minion check out the activity and credit your points! Easy Peasy! 

Q: I don't see my question answered here

A: Shoot your question to us at or WhatsApp us at (480)720-9692 and we'll get back to you!